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We are back and we have some great deals for you and your family.

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Wise Wednesday

Every Wednesday lunchtime from 12 noon until 3pm. Choose from Sausage and Mash; Fish and chips or Gammon, egg and chips with a cup of tea for £10.

So many of us have had our social lives effected by the Corona Virus restrictions and are only now starting to venture out of the safety of our homes to meet family and friends.

We would like to introduce our Wise Wednesday menu for over 65's who may want a smaller meal than is available on our Main Menu.  Just as tasty.  Just as satisfying.  All washed down with a cup of tea!

Note: A cup of tea can be exchanged for an Americano coffee.  Decaffinated options are available.  All other drinks do not form part of this deal and will be charged at full price.  Vegetarian sausages are available. Deal cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


We're helping to keep the kids happy and cool every weekend down at The Three Pigeons Inn by giving away a free ice cream cone with every kids meal purchased!

Choose from your favourite flavours:




Salted caramel

Mint choc chip

Summer deals on Sambuca and Jagermeister.

Our deals will help to ease you into summer and help to celebrate those special moments with friends.

Buy 4 Sambuca for £10
Your favourite Italian anise liqueur in 25ml shots.
4 Jager Bombs for £12
The perfect way to kick the evening off in style!
Corona sharing bucket of 5 for only £12
Sit back and enjoy the match with friends with our great deal.
El Nacho deal only £10
2 bottles of Corona and a sharing bowl of Cheesy Nachos with dips.
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